The Precautions Taken By Your Car Service To Lower Your Risk Of Covid-19 Transmission

COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically and the pandemic has disrupted our daily routines in more ways than one. People are doing everything they can to protect themselves against this virus, including wearing masks and constantly sanitizing their hands.

When it comes to personal hygiene, most people are aware of the steps they need to take to stop the spread of this virus, although there are other precautions you may not be familiar with when it comes to transportation. Whether you need a rental car or have your own vehicle, you need to be aware of the steps you must take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and the following tips can help:

Have The Right Tools

Disposable gloves and wipes are a necessity with this pandemic, and it is recommended that you use both when preparing a car. Disinfecting the interior will decrease the chances of you getting the virus, so make sure to follow this step. Most common disinfectants will do the trick but make sure you read the label to ensure the product is safe for the different surfaces inside your vehicle. Keeping disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves in your car are a must so that they are always handy.

Focus On Common Touchpoints

Obvious areas like the steering wheel, door handles and dashboard should be disinfected regularly as these are the areas that are most often touched. These areas tend to have the most bacteria, and unless they are cleaned, the germs will accumulate and you will be at a higher risk of transmitting the virus. You should also focus on seat belts, window buttons and touchscreens and anywhere else you feel needs to be disinfected. Cleaning these surfaces daily is recommended, so make sure you are on top of it.

Be Cautious With Car Rentals, Ride-sharing, Public Transportation And Taxis

These are vehicles that come into contact with a number of different people on a daily basis, so you need to take the right steps to stay safe. Most of these companies are taking extra precautions to prioritize the safety of its passengers and are enhancing their methods to clean every vehicle after each rental or ride. You can choose to wear gloves if you need to take any of these transportation methods and you can disinfect the area you will be sitting in for additional protection. Bus drivers, taxi drivers and Uber drivers are all expected to have disinfectant by their side and passengers should wash their hands as soon as they can once they get to their destination.

How Ideal Executive Service Is Keeping You Safe

At Ideal, we take our guests’ safety very seriously. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a professionally installed shield, government-approved hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, spray and masks. Each of our chauffeurs is checked for Covid-19 symptoms every morning, is provided with plenty of disposable gloves and masks, and disinfects their vehicles thoroughly before and after each ride. Our chauffeurs avoid all physical contact with guests and can provide answers to any questions about guest safety for each of our guests.

Ideal Executive Service offers luxury transportation to those who want to travel comfortably and safely. Our professional drivers will offer you an experience you will never forget and you will have peace of mind because of our enhanced cleaning protocols. We can offer you a clean and safe environment, so if you are looking for executive transportation services, give us a call today!

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